Carmel Ilan, born 1960, lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Carmel Ilan’s work is based on a method of work constructed of numerous folded papers erecting from a wooden plate. Originating in the feminist discourse of the late 20th century, her work responds to traditions of female labor and crafts. Strongly connected to her basic material of paper, she questions the emotional response the material evokes and its contemporary value in an age of digitally archived knowledge.

Her latest development is an interpretation of her original technique, as she currently chooses to exhibit only the photographic representation of her sculptural objects. Replacing material for size value and microscopic vision, she transforms not only the materiality of the works but their physical effect on the viewer.



2000 – 2004   Basis School of Sculpture 

(with excellence) 

1985–1986   Parsons School of Designs

1980–1984   Shenkar College, Fashion  Design (BFA)


Solo Exhibitions

2017   Carmel Ilan, ZK Gallery, San Francisco

2017   Carmel Ilan, ZK Gallery, San Francisco

2017   What does the latter know, WIZO Haifa Academy, Curator                   Micha Krishner


2015   Materiality Now, Raw Art, Tel Aviv

2014   Carmel Ilan", Plaza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014   Paper Field, Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea 

2011   Carmel Ilan, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2009   Landscapes, Basis School, Ni’urim 

2009   New Works, Rawart Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2007   No One Nose, Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv

2005   Ni’urim, Basis School

Group Exhibitions

2019   Art Central , Meijler Art Booth, Hong Kong

2018   Scope Art Show, Meijler Art Booth, Miami

2018   Neighbors, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2018   N17, Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018   Pop Porn, Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018   French Salon, Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018   Art Central, Zemack Gallery Booth, Hong Kong

2018   Art Stage Singapore, Zemack Gallery Booth, Singapore

2018   Fresh Paint 10, Zemack Gallery Booth, Tel Aviv

2018   The Map-Reading Between the Lines, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2018   AAF Fair, Zemack Gallery Booth, Palm Beach

2017   Art Miami, Zemack Gallery Booth, Miami

2017  Summer Show, Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017  On the Edge-Israeli Paper, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2017  Fresh Paint 9 , Tel Aviv

2017   Art Central Art Fair, Zemack Gallery, Hong Kong


2016   Colors of Macadam, Macadam Gallery, Belgium

2015    Tel Aviv Tower, Tel Aviv

2015    Base & Building, Basis Art School, Hertzliya

2014     Tabula Rasa, After Gallery, Maalot Tahrsiha


2014     Contemporary Paper Art, Jaffe Museum 

2013    Kalut HaHomer, Bet Michal Gallery, Rehovot 

2013    Paper Art in Israel #2, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv 

2013   Desert Bloom Paper Biennale, Beit Ha’Amamnim Ba’Negev, Beer Sheva

2012    Turn the page, Beit Ha’Amanut Gallery, Mevaseret Zion

2012    Gallery Collection, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2011    Fresh Paint IV, Art Fair, Tel Aviv 

2011    In Between, The Wilfrid Museum, Ha’Zorea Kibbuts

2010    Heat Wave Catch Gallery Collection, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010    Neighbors, Korner Park Gallery, Neukolln, Berlin 

2010    Fresh Paint III, Art Fair, Tel Aviv 

2009    Woods, The Farm Gallery, Holon 

2009    Fresh Paint II, Art Fair, Tel Aviv 

2008    Cultural Center, Petach Tikva

2007    Performing Arts Center , Tel Aviv 

2006    Performing Arts Center , Tel Aviv 

2006    Liga Bait BaNamal, Tel Aviv, Curated by Galia Yahav 

2005    Basis Gallery, Beit Yannai 

2004    Basis Gallery , Beit Yannai